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18 March 2020Stanton on the Wolds Community Action: Who is your neighbour?

During the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, some people living in our parish may feel the need to self-isolate for reasons of age, illness or vulnerability to infection, in accordance with advice from HM Government. We hope that, for the most part, such people will be supported by their family, friends or neighbours.

It seems possible, though, that some parishioners who need to self-isolate have no-one they can turn to for help, should they need it.

Therefore we are asking every household in the parish these two questions:

  1. If you need to self-isolate during the coronavirus outbreak, would you like to be put in contact with a fellow villager who would be willing to help you do so?
  2. Would you be prepared to help one or more of your fellow villagers who need to self-isolate during the coronavirus outbreak?

Such help might include: picking up shopping, visiting the post office, or just being a friendly voice on the telephone.

If your answer to either question is 'Yes', please contact us by email or telephone. We will seek to 'match' those in need with those who can help.

Our local Neighbourhood Watch organiser, David Ovadia, has very kindly offered to send out information on his distribution list and is happy to add any people who need help or wish to volunteer. Alternatively contact any Parish Councillor.

If you already have a helper, that’s fine – we don’t need to hear from you. If you know someone who may need help – please check with them and, if appropriate, tell them about this Community Action.

Any arrangements must be on the understanding that they are entirely matters of goodwill between the ‘helpers’ and the ‘helped’, and that circumstances may change over the coming weeks and months.

Please, can we also ask you to beware and vigilant during this crisis. There are already people out there wishing to profit from this. We have heard of people offering fake instant doorstep tests for this virus (fake because there isn’t one) and other scammers wanting to do your shopping for you (with your card details...).

Be careful, stay safe

David Ovadia, Neighbourhood Watch, 07796 277 027
Richard Whitby, Chairman, SOTW PC, 07850 739 116


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