17 May 2020
Local Housing Needs - Updated

During June all residents in the village will receive a Housing Survey form with a request it be completed and returned to Miles King at the Midlands Rural Housing Office in a prepaid envelope that will be provided.   The parish council have supported the survey being undertaken.

The covering letter is reproduced below.

Dear Occupier

Stanton on the Wolds Housing Needs Survey ‘Finding out the housing needs of all local people’

The Strategic Housing Team at Rushcliffe Borough Council would like your help to understand more about the type of housing that may be needed by local people in rural areas in order to influence the type and size of homes built in the future. To assist us, I would be grateful if you could find the time to complete the enclosed ‘Housing Needs Survey’. It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

All the information provided will be confidential. The survey is being conducted on Rushcliffe Borough Council’s behalf by Midlands Rural Housing which carries out independent rural housing enabling work across the East Midlands for a number of district councils. Why is this survey happening? The Council is duty bound to gather information about the housing needs of its communities so we may understand the needs of all our residents, whether they wish to buy their own home, part rent or part buy (shared ownership), rent privately or through a social landlord such as a Housing Association.

What is the survey for? The information from this kind of survey is used to make sure that any new homes built reflect what is needed by existing local residents who have a connection to the particular area. Why is it important to fill in the survey? Rural areas are facing many challenges at the moment. There are major threats to shops, pubs, transport, services and local facilities. There is an ageing population, jobs are limited, and there can be a loss of ‘community feel’ in a village. Also, the cost of living and housing are causing problems for many. These pressures exist in villages across Nottinghamshire and beyond. Villages like Stanton on the Wolds need to have the right balance of housing to help provide a foundation for a thriving community. Any new housing needs to meet local needs and be planned carefully if it is to have a positive impact on the area. This survey is the first step to ensuring this.

By identifying the full range of housing needs for local people, future decisions and proactive action can be properly informed. Are there plans to build new houses here? Other than any plans that are currently in the public domain, nothing is planned at present but the housing needs have to be assessed so we have up to date local needs evidence in case development is planned here in the future. We will aim to assess the needs of most villages every five years. What if the survey finds that there is a housing need? Rushcliffe Borough Council will work with the Parish, the local community and its housing and planning partners to see if there is a desire to meet any open market or affordable housing needs that may result from this survey.

If any new homes are planned it is important that they are in keeping with the village and are built to a high standard of design. This goes for open market homes and affordable homes.

How can I get help with the survey or request a form for someone I know who is in housing need? If you have any queries or concerns or need any help completing the survey please do not hesitate to contact the Midlands Rural Housing on 0300 1234 009 or by email at: enquiries@midlandsrural.org.uk. Similarly, if you have another person in your household who is in housing need, or know of someone who has moved away and would like to return, please contact Midlands Rural Housing and request an additional survey form or direct them to complete the survey on line at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/V33BTRH.

Please return completed paper surveys in the pre paid envelope provided by 13th July 2020. Thank you for your help with this survey.

Yours faithfully

Miles King Rural Partnership Officer Midlands Rural Housing

0300 1234 009

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