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Stanton-on-the-Wolds Parish Council

The voice of our community


The Stanton-on-the-Wolds Village Newsletter is published quarterly, in March, June, September and December. It is available to download (in pdf format) using the links below.

We hope you like it and we welcome your comments, whether positive or negative. We're keen to include contributions from residents, so if you have a particular concern, interest or point to make, please email the new editor, Gill Rahman.

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28 newsletter mar 2022.pdf20 March 20222597kB
27 newsletter dec 2021.pdf19 November 20211018kB
26 newsletter sep 2021.pdf23 August 20211360kB
25 newsletter jun 2021.pdf26 May 20211041kB
24 newsletter mar 2021.pdf04 March 20211259kB
23 newsletter dec 2020.pdf11 January 20211732kB
22 newsletter sep 2020.pdf11 January 2021983kB
21 newsletter jun 2020.pdf11 January 20211114kB
20 newsletter mar 2020.pdf11 January 20211390kB
19 newsletter dec 2019.pdf11 January 20211543kB
18 newsletter sep 2019.pdf11 January 20211409kB
17 newsletter jun 2019.pdf11 January 20212367kB
16 newsletter mar 2019.pdf11 January 20212073kB
15 newsletter dec 2018.pdf11 January 20212519kB
14 newsletter sep 2018.pdf11 January 2021930kB
13 newsletter jun 2018.pdf11 January 20211149kB
12 newsletter mar 2018.pdf11 January 20211182kB
11 newsletter dec 2017.pdf11 January 20211184kB
10 newsletter sep 2017.pdf11 January 20211095kB
09 newsletter jun 2017.pdf11 January 20211237kB
08 newsletter mar 2017.pdf11 January 20211008kB
07 newsletter dec 2016.pdf11 January 20211422kB
06 newsletter sep 2016.pdf11 January 2021930kB
05 newsletter jun 2016.pdf11 January 2021655kB
04 newsletter mar 2016.pdf11 January 2021611kB
03 newsletter dec 2015.pdf11 January 20211280kB
02 newsletter sep 2015.pdf11 January 2021383kB
01 newsletter aug 2015.pdf11 January 2021644kB